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BBA Entrance Exam CET 2013 Results IP University (

Have you given the entrance for BBA to get admission in IP University ? Are you looking for result of BBA enterance exam ? Then you are at right place. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has conducted this exam on the various centres of Delhi and near by Delhi, more than 1 lakh students appeared in the exam where as exam was considered and rated as easy, easy exam usually creates more problems for the students as cut off percentage goes very high and it will give less chances to a average student for admission in a good college. Check out the details of results for BBA Entrance Exam Cet 2013 for IP University

Exam was divided into four parts which includes English Language & Comprehension, General Awareness, Logical & Analytical Ability and Management & Communication Skills which contains 25%, 25%, 25% and 25% respectively. Exam was successfully completed on 5 May 2013 (sunday), I have also given the BBA exam this year and I am really scared of the result, I know most of the students are facing this problem but don’t worry we will become a successful person at the end.

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BBA Entrance Exam CET 2013 Results Date for IP University

Indraprastha University will release the results on 15th May 2013 (wednesday) on its official website for declaring results i.e. , hope you will crack the exam and get admissions in your desired colleges. We wish you all a great success ahead in your lives.

For more information you can visit IP University’s official site –

Stay connected with us and you can ask your queries here just by commenting below and kindly share the post so that you friends can check their results.


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214 Responses to "BBA Entrance Exam CET 2013 Results IP University ("

  1. mithilesh says:

    Hi, I have just given cet for BBA. I got rank6407 in all. I want to know that how many student will be selected because this is really worrying me. Please……Please, reply soon!

  2. anshul says:

    i hav got 3688 rank. plss tll is dis okk ?? will i be able to get good collgeee????

  3. amit says:

    i have got 11000 rank will i get adm. In good collg

  4. Rajat sharma says:

    sir i hv got 18725 rank will able to good college ??

  5. varun says:

    I hv got 1741 rank is there any scope for good college

  6. zaman says:

    ihave got 4987 can i get admission

  7. Aditya says:

    im confused, ive got 3435 rank in BBA IP university………………can anybody tell me ,if i be able to get a good college!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rashi sharma says:

    I got 36 rank. please provide good colleges list in Delhi and process further.

  9. raj says:

    2872 rank i hav got .
    accha cllg mil jaayega ??

  10. amit says:

    even if i m a outsider i cant get good college in ipu if my rank is 10792 rank

  11. sk says:

    i got 3632 rank can i get in top 10 ipu colleges

  12. mohd nadim says:

    sir i hv got 17050 rank. INFOR. DATE OF COUNSILING

  13. mohd nadim says:


  14. harjit singh says:

    I have got 4630 bba exam held on 5may…can u get addmission in a good college please tell sir

  15. bhavika says:

    i hve got 8344 rank in bba unser ip…plz suggest sme gud collefes which probably i cn get under dis rank

  16. Devika says:

    Sir, Ive got a rank of 3235 in CET 2013. Will I be able to get Surajmal?
    Which is the best college in this rank? I am so worried. I live in South Delhi. I want Surajmal but I have no idea about the best/good colleges. Please help.

  17. Akshan says:

    I got 348 ranking in CET(BBA), how good is it? Will I get called for counselling? If yes, which colleges could I hope to get?

    PS I am from outside NCR.

  18. yagya says:

    I got 1800 rank can I get admn in dwarka as I feel many seats will be vacant as top students will join du etc plz dwarka mil jaega??

  19. harjit singh says:

    plz tell the colleges dir in which I can get
    addmission in 2nd or 3rd concelling…

  20. sana says:

    Sir I have got 3416 in cet 2013 ..can I get through maharaja agasen college .pls reply

  21. Dhruv says:

    I got 922. Any hope for getting in jims vasant kunj ? please reply mom is worried !

  22. tanish says:

    sir i have got 15404 rank in bba will i called for consulling

  23. Itulung says:

    Hello, I am in 2163 rank in CET 2013. I belong to ST category and I’m from outside Delhi region. Which colleges can I get admission in? WIll I get in some good top colleges like MAIMS, MSI, JIMS?

  24. Tinku Singh says:

    i hav got 18125 rank. plss tll mee will i be able to get good collgee & i m outsider…

  25. suraj singh says:

    Sir I hve got a rank 14963 in bba can I get addmission

  26. Rishabh Madaan says:

    I appeared for cet 2013 and i got 558 rank and i’m a candidate of outside delhi.
    What college should I go for ?

  27. aashish says:

    sir my bba 2013 rank is 7812 is that okay for a good college..?

  28. Deepak says:

    I got 2723 rank.. Will i get good college..?

    Agrasen or surajmal..?
    PLease suggest and also provide info of counselling dates.


  29. akshay sharma says:

    i have got rank 15056 in cet 2013 for bba . can i get admission in good colege.

  30. rahul says:

    sir i have got 7936 rank can i get admission in gud college?

  31. tanish says:

    sir i have got 15404 in ip will i got atleast an average college for bba

  32. shubham dey says:

    I have got 11245 rank i hv a doubt i want my paper to be rechecked will it be possible?

  33. aakas says:

    i get3738 rank vil i able to get agovt college

  34. Utsav Sharma says:

    My rank is 4290. I am from General category. Will I get admission in any good college preferably in South Delhi.

  35. yagya says:

    Sir i want admn in govt college i hv 1800 rank plz rply

  36. sachin says:

    Sir, i have got 13004 rank cet of bba this year… I am of obc category and lives outside of delhi…. Is there any chance of gettng admisson in ipu and will my rank decrease due to obc category? Pls tell….

  37. mukul says:

    My tank is 1750 any good govt college

  38. deepanshu says:

    I got 2374 rank……will I get any good govt. college………..plz provide me a list of top colleges

  39. radhika says:

    i accquired 5300th rank in i.p
    i think i could have done much better.
    but will i be able to get through any good colleges in i.p university
    awaiting a quick reply
    thank you sir,

  40. zaman says:

    i have got 4987 can i get admission in jims,kalkaji .IF NOT THEN IN WHICH COLLEGE.also please tell me about counselling.

  41. aanchal says:

    i got a score of 4612
    which college shud i try fr?

  42. PARNIKA says:

    In BBA CET 2013 my rank is 9410 can I get a good college I’m from GENERAL CATEGORY and from GHAZIABAD.

  43. rahul says:

    sir i have got 7938 rank from obc category can i get admission in gud govt. college in ip university?

  44. VIJAY says:


  45. Yag says:

    rank 391….CET BBA….what colleges Can I get?

  46. kanika says:

    sir i’ve got 9857 in BBA cet will i get admn in JIMS Vasant Kunj???

  47. nirjhar says:

    My rank is 2394.n i m frm outside delhi…what college can i expect?

  48. mukul says:

    1800 rank can i get admn in govt college

  49. Vikram Nath says:

    SIR I got 14416 Rank In CET (BBA) “General category DELHI region” Do I have a good chance for admission ? If Yes Which College In which Inside Delhi or outside Delhi ?

  50. akshit says:

    my ranking is 437 …….is it fine???……….which college can i go for……….tell me the best available option

  51. shriti says:

    My rank is 6865. Can I get admission in maraja agrasen rohini/ maharaja surajmal janakpuri/ jagannath VK.

  52. Sanjeev Malik says:

    Sir I’ve Got 4744 rank Can i get addmission in a govt. ipu college if not then is there any chance tht i can have a good college?? plzz reply m eagerly waiting and i need your reply desperatly. thanx in advance i might say your doing a good job!! :)

  53. prity says:

    Sir my rank is 15500 wil i get admission in ip cllge..?

  54. Rishabh says:

    I got 1114 rank..Will i get into the top two colleges?

  55. Kunal Tagra says:

    My rank is 11256 will I able to get jims vasant kunj???if not will I get admission in any college in Delhi?

  56. Rishabh says:

    which are the two best colleges for bba in I.P?

  57. akshay sharma says:

    sir i got 15056 rank in cet 2013 in bba . can i get admission in ip

  58. Vikram Nath says:

    SIR I got 14416 Rank In CET (BBA) “General category DELHI region Seriously I have No chance For Admission ?

  59. anshika says:

    sir i got 15213 rank in CET(BBA) will i get admission in good college?

  60. mahima says:

    sir i got 1272 rank in CET(BBA) will i get admission in govt college & will i get admission in surjamal college

  61. suraj singh says:

    Sir my rank is 14963 can I get the addmission in ip university in delhi from the obc category

  62. zaman says:

    i have got 4987 rank ,i am from delhi ,general category cani get admission in jims ,kalkaji

  63. Rahul says:

    Sir i’ve got 9458 rank in general/defence category. is there any chance of getting adm. in good college??

  64. sanjay says:

    kindly advise which is better university either ” I P UNIVERSITY or JYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN )

  65. blessy says:

    i have got 2132 rank, will i get admission in maharaja surajmal?

  66. Rajiv says:

    I have got 5200 rank, and i also have a sports quota. Would i get adm in a good collage ?

  67. sakaham says:

    hi sir i got 4439 rank in cet , can i get into top colleges of ip .

  68. aashish says:

    Sir i have got 1747 cet rank will i get admission in agrasen or mait i actually don’t like jims i hate that college

  69. suraj says:


    BBA ki result date kya ha

  70. Varun handa says:

    I have got 2475 rank in bba !
    Which college can i get ?? Please tell me coz its worrying me :(

  71. Tushar uppal says:

    i have got 12,405 rank in ipu bba cet 2013
    will i able to get good collg or just average collg

  72. vinay says:

    sir i have got 8800 rank in bba cet will i get a decent colge i have a ST Quota will this help i need to know plee

  73. Keshav says:

    sir will i get any good bba college at rank 2051 and iam outside of delhi..
    can u tell which is better hm or bba

  74. suraj verma says:

    Sir i got a rank 18635 in bba cet of ip i am from obc category delhi region sir there will be chance for good college or not pls rply sir

  75. jitesh says:

    8305 rank are there any chancces for jims vasant kunj agrasen or surajmal

  76. rahul says:

    Sir i have got 7940 rank in bba from obc category in which college i will get the admission?

  77. vikram says:

    Sir i hv got 7945 rank frm obc category in which college can i get the admission? I want to get admission in gud college?

  78. rohan says:

    Sir i got 1811 rank in cet bba name a college to go for except for iitm

  79. mahima says:

    sir i got 1272 in bba can i get govt college?

  80. Pavreet says:

    I have got 1144 rank in BBA IP enterance exam.Will I get admission in JIMS / Maharaja Agarsen/Surajmal.Is is 100 % sure or maybe.

  81. dev kumar says:

    Sir i have got 16399 rank in bba from obc category in which college i will get the admission?

  82. ayushi says:

    my bba cet rank is 4126 outside delhi. can i get a good college of ip .

  83. abhinav akash says:

    sir my rank is 10098, & i m an outsider, will i get admission in BBA

  84. kapil says:


  85. mahima says:

    sir plz tell , i got 1272 in ip bba .Can i get govt. college?

  86. riya says:

    sir, i got 14844 rank in bba(cet) can i get a admissin in ip… any college

  87. jitesh says:

    rank 8305 my chances for iitm

  88. Shivam says:

    My rank is “1673” in CET. Will i b able to get admission in .. TOP 3 colleges under IPU . ?

  89. Arpit says:

    Sir i’hv got 7085 rank in CEt BBA and i’m from jaipur… what are my chances? Will i be able to get a good college? n please tell the names of the colleges.

  90. Ron says:

    Sir, I got 5372 rank in CET for BBA.

    Vivekanand institute of Professional Studier OR Jims rohini sector 5.

    m more interested in VIPS.

    Shall i gt admission in these colleges at this rank?

    Reply plz

  91. sumit mehra says:

    Sir I got 2594 rank in ip bba cet which college is best at this rank

  92. anubhav says:

    sir i got 49% in all 5 subect and 57 in best 4 subject in 12th and got rank of 8000 in cet bba i have SC reservation can i get admission in ip .

  93. Rajan says:

    Sir my rank in BBA CET 2013 is 6213. I am from out side out side Delhi (Gurguaon/ Menesar). will I get admission in ipu.

  94. onam says:

    sir i got 25571 rank in ip btech from gen. category. wil I b able to get a gud college…..??

  95. sir i have rank of 5824 for ip bba can i get a good college please reply please

  96. ayushi says:

    which good college should i opt at a rank of 4126? please help.

  97. anubhav says:

    is there relexation of 5 % for st in bba ple tell want to confirm it because i got 49% with all my subject and 57% with best for four pless tell pless

  98. sumit mehra says:

    Sir i got 2594 rank ip cet 125 which college i get

  99. Anuj Singh Rawat says:

    sir can u please suggest th best three colleges for bba…. my Cet rank is 3389 …… please reply sir…..

  100. akshit says:

    sir meri 437 aayi hai….aapne kaha ke go for govt. college ….govt. college bole to maharaja agrasen n surajmal….or somethin else????? ……also tell agrasen aur surajmal mein se koun sa badiya hai….placements,campusetc

  101. vikram says:

    Sir i got 7938 rank from obc category. I want to get admission in ideal int. Of manag. If not than in which college shud i get admission except iitm ?pls rply……….

  102. Akshay says:

    My rank is 5360 can i get surajmal in bba

  103. viki says:

    sir, i got 3044 rank in BBA can i get admission in Govt. collage of IP and can u suggest any good college for my rank .
    Thanks in Advance

  104. Ridhim says:

    Sir i got 16050 rank . can i get admission

  105. Dhruv says:

    Sir, When will be the result of BA LLB -CET ? I am an outsider. Could you please tell me the ranking of colleges for BA LLB ?

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