Watch Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online Official Gameplay Video

Rockstar Games are back with their another wonderful game ”Grand Theft Auto Online“, GTA series games have become a huge popular nowadays. Even a 5 years old child is aware of GTA games, they have revealed many games till now and this is the latest game. Game makers have revealed the official gameplay video of GTA Online, have a look on the clip –


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online Gameplay Official Clip

This is a modified and extended version of GTA V. Its a mission based game, you can do anything you want to do in this game. GTA series is strictly a adult game series, you should not allow small children to play this game. But in actual most of the playing age group is less than 18. Children is really mad for this game. Tell us whether you like the gameplay or not. Stay updated with us on all latest news on Internet and outside world.

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